Santa Claus: The lost gifts


What happened to the Christmas elves? An evil doctor which hates Christmas replaced all the elves and made them act like evildoers.

They refuse to help Santa Claus, and they’ve scattered all the Christmas gifts for all the humans on earth.

Help Santa Claus recover all the gifts before Christmas arrive!


This Santa Claus game features:

  • FUN CLASSIC ARCADE GAME – You’ll need to go through all 60 levels in order to recover all the stolen gifts in a classic 8-bit pixel-art arcade game.
  • ESCAPE THE EVIL ELVES – Use your skills to escape from the evil elves chasing you across all levels while picking up the gifts.
  • HELP SANTA IN HIS BUSIEST CHRISTMAS – Climb ladders, fall big heights, cling to ropes, avoid enemies and pick up the treasures for the children!
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